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Daphnee Sanon

Daphnee Sanon has over 10 years of auditing experience, a career that requires a lot of speaking in public-to team, executives and clients. In 2017, she joined the LIU Brooklyn Toastmasters Club to work on improving her skills of public speaking. As she gained her confidence in public speaking, Daphnee realizes the true importance of holding the skills and confidence to express and communicate her voice, her ideas, and opinions. 

In December 2020, Daphnee founded The Art & public Speaking Program, Inc. to address the fear of public speaking at an early age, a skill she wished she had growing up. Growing up shy, Daphnee struggled speaking up during group activities. She believes introducing and equipping our youth as young as 8-13 years with the critical skills to conquer the fear of speaking in group will empower them with confidence, and strong communication skills to become well-spoken leaders and advocates in the community and in the future.

Daphnee believes that The Art & Public Speaking Program, Inc. will equip our youth with the confidence and skills to know that they are never too young to speak on matters that impact their future and community. 

Our children are the future leaders of tomorrow. Their voices matter. Their ideas matter. Their opinions matter. 

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